“Spaghetti Custom Shop” show by Accordo.it, Milan


A moderately warm Sunday in Milan for this first edition of the Custom Shop show from the guys of Accordo.it. Basically an overview of guitar (or guitar related) artisans and

South African gig: recording guitar parts (with seminar at SAE-CapeTown), South Africa


Time to enjoy a Summer breeze in the southern part of the planet by going to Cape Town, South Africa. Still on recording guitar parts for the Electric Dove project,

On Accordo.it, my piece on Sanchez band


Today my article about the Sardinia-based Sanchez has been released on Accordo.it. That’s the beginning of my new cycle of studio articles on the Audio section of Accordo. Good stuff!

Another Gravity video released


Finally the single Another Gravity by Luca Wu has been released today with its video After a long recording (with my electric and acoustic guitar parts) and editing (!) process

Dolcetti band, shooting the live-in-studio videos, Italy


Back to Udine, northern Italy, to capture Dolcetti‘s ( Gianni Rojatti & Erik Tulissio ) sound on their live-in-the-rehearsal-space performance, during the shooting of their new videos material. Tremors and Transient are

Mixing Gianni Rojatti’s “Cafè Indiano” video for Zoom Corp.


Thrilling beginning of 2015 by mixing the audio session of the “Cafè Indiano” video (from the Racer Cafè project), on commission by Zoom Company. Enjoy the video (and of course…the audio!)

Electric Dove, part 2, guitar parts, South Africa


“Davs” Mastanjevic releases his Electric Dove project, part 2;  I would define it as  “Electronic music meets rock in a pop environment with some twist”! Once again I got my guitar

Rakia album releasing


Balcanic music Italian-based Rakia album releasing concert on today: album mixed by their drummer Emanuele Pusceddu. I recorded them in a tricky live-in-studio session almost a year ago so…there it is!

Nu-soul band Sanchez, recording session


Right before Christmas it is time for me to get back in studio to record Sanchez, an italian based nu-sould band, featuring drums, trumpet, an hybrid 6-string guitar (with 2

Workshops/Session in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Very nice to be back in warm Tenerife Island, off the Western African coastline. This time I was called in from AMAE-Los Cristianos for a 2-day recording/mixing workshop, a full

Marty Friedman clinic, Italy


Finally, after years, I managed to get Marty Friedman to Sardinia for a (wonderful) clinic. That was a success, having full house at Fabrik live club in Cagliari. Nothing really

Real World Studios, Luca Wu new single Mix session


Once again we ended up mixing London based artist Luca Wu new single track “Another Gravity” at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box, close to Bath, England. This time

Racer Cafè, better and better reviews


Racer Cafè (Gianni Rojatti, Giacomo Castellano, Dado Neri and Erik Tulissio) are gaining better and better press reviews, on real paper and online. Also they gained Best 2014 guitar act:  

SHG, Second Hand Guitar show.


At the 2014 Milan SHG show this year I was called to mix the live performance of Gianni Rojatti e Giacomo Castellano from their latest release “Racer Cafè” album. It

“Amici delle Musica”, contemporary music diffusion performance


Few days ago I’ve been invited to perform a so-called “diffusion” of Parmegiani’s De Natura (part II), a fine piece of contemporary music. Basically I had the chance to playback