Vocals in loud stage madness: Paul Gilbert and his amps.


After finishing Paul Gilbert’s last European tour as FOH, I finally can enjoy dedicating my time to mix the Pro Tools multitrack session recorded during some of his shows encounting

IK Multimedia Endorsement


Here we go: IK Multimedia is in the house. With this new endorsement I got my new iLoud mini-pro studio speakers which I can easily work out of my laptop

Paul Gilbert, FOH’ing European Tour, Oct-Nov ’16


Back on the road with Paul Gilbert, FOH’ing his new European Tour presenting the newly “I Can Destroy” album, touching also Israel and Russia Pete Griffin on bass Thomas Lang

Steve Vai, Alien Guitar Secrets Clinic, Sardinia, Italy


After a in-deep planning finally I got to have Steve Vai in my hometown for a clinic. Great response from the audience. an intellectual extravaganza travel into music with mr.

Barolo, Collisioni Festival, July ’16 w/ Dolcetti


Dolcetti got invited for the 3rd (third!) time to play at Collisioni Festival, in Barolo, which is pretty unusual but, you know, they love Dolcetti… So back in northern Italy

FOH Dolcetti opening Steve Vai, Udine


Again in Udine (Italy) to prepare and play as opening act at Steve Vai’s Passion & Warfare 25th Anniversay tour: as a matter of fact, Steve himself is willing to

Dolcetti (Italy), Spain, India & France loop!


On a plane again (or actually few of them!) to manage all kind of gigs: on my first stop in Northern Italy, it’s time to prepare the FOH/show set for

Back on stage on guitar. Luca Wu, Italy


The Luca Wu band haven’t been playing since last Summer Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland) and finally we go back onstage with the full band. This time we perform in a

More into Mastering, private lessons, with F. Tischmeyer


Just landed from Japan and I have my flight to Hamburg, Germany, to meet up with mastering engineer guru Friedemann Tischmeyer, for a 30-hour private session of in-depth mastering ,

Tokyo, Japan. Multiple recording sessions


Once again -and with a great pleasure as usual- in Tokyo, Japan for a back-to-back triple recording session gig. 3 different bands, fusion one and 2 rock/punk ones, all nicely

Re-amping Luca Wu guitars, Italy


Lately I’ve been recording and edit all my guitar parts in the tranquillity and un-stressing atmosphere of my private studio, sure that later on I will be able to re-amp

Custom Shop, Milan


And here we are at Accordo‘s Spring appointment, the Custom Shop fair. A full day with handcraft guitar and stomp pedals maker for everywhere in Italy. I like to mention the

Again in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Back to one of my long-time favored places, the island of Tenerife, spanish territory out of Morroccan coast. This time I went for some mixing advising and ProTools/production private classes

Mumbai, India


The Mumbai thing turned to be an “all Indian thing” since it happened that I travel to do some training to Agnee‘s FOH engineer: besides the Mumbai show we travelled

Dolcetti (Gianni Rojatti & Erik Tulissio) new album mixing session, Germany


After a long 2-year process finally it is the time to mix  eclectic rock duo band Dolcetti‘s new album. Me and the band ( Gianni Rojatti and Erik Tulissio )