Custom Shop, Milan


And here we are at Accordo‘s Spring appointment, the Custom Shop fair. A full day with handcraft guitar and stomp pedals maker for everywhere in Italy. I like to mention the

Again in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Back to one of my long-time favored places, the island of Tenerife, spanish territory out of Morroccan coast. This time I went for some mixing advising and ProTools/production private classes

Mumbai, India


The Mumbai thing turned to be an “all Indian thing” since it happened that I travel to do some training to Agnee‘s FOH engineer: besides the Mumbai show we travelled

Dolcetti (Gianni Rojatti & Erik Tulissio) new album mixing session, Germany


After a long 2-year process finally it is the time to mix  eclectic rock duo band Dolcetti‘s new album. Me and the band ( Gianni Rojatti and Erik Tulissio )

Tokyo, fall 2015


As I imagined it was going to be, the Japanese period  I spent in Fall was a blast: love the language, the food, the music and, for sure, the people.

Japanese period


Just moved to Tokyo, Japan, for 2 months. Besides enjoying its vibrant vibe, learn some Nihongo and play guitar at jam sessions and around, plans are to teach few seminars

Miniere Sonore, Festival, September 23rd-27th 2015, Italy


Like every year, back to Oristano (Sardinia) to manage the technical side of the Miniere Sonore Contemporary Music Festival organized by Heuristic: almost a week of events, seminars and concerts

Fringe Festival performances, August 17th-30th, Edinburgh, Scotland


After a short vacation break, time to be on stage again. This time I joined Luca Wu to perform 12 shows at world-acclaimed Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. For this

Sanchez releasing studio album, Italy


Finally the long awaited Sanchez’ album releasing date had become a reality. Time for the band to play live a lot and get to be known to the world!  

Freak Campus with Mattias Eklundh, Sweden


Got back to my beloved guitar, especially back to heavy practicing and hard core Indian-counting system studying at Freak Campus, held in Goteborg (or actually in the middle of the

Collisioni Music Festival, Barolo (ITA)


During one of the highest peak in temperature that we’ve been having this Summer, Dolcetti (Gianni Rojatti & Erik Tulissio) had been invited to play again at Collisioni Festival, one of

Mixing next Luca Wu single releasing, London, UK


In London area mixing the 3rd single track by Luca Wu “Some of Us”, with my guitar parts in it: this time the artist decided to look for a specific

Mixing Sanchez, part I, Italy


Finally, after a deep editing and refining process, we were ready to mix Sanchez’s album, recorded on last December 2014. 3 Days for 8 tracks: a bit racing but we

Paul Gilbert, clinic with band, Italy


Today Paul Gilbert played in town at Fabrik (Cagliari, Italy) with a local band. Great clinic by a great entertainer. My job, in these kind of gigs, besides organize and plan

Kuro guitar loop pedal


Kuro pedals (Livorno, Italy) releases a guitar loop pedal with a buffered section, custom made for me. Thank you Giulio Favaro and his Kuro company!