Japan #3 Gilbert, seminars, InterBEE, sessions and more!

My third time in Japan for this 2019 (and already booked for next April, wow!), this time for roughly a month in which I visited some of my beloved “clients”, aka TSM (Tokyo School of Music), Musicians Institute and some Shimamura Gakki stores (Kawasaki and Shinjuku). And that’s about Tokyo area

Plus one of my favorite spot, NSM (Nagoya School of Music) in Nagoya.

But this is also the time of the year that InterBEE Exhibition takes place and once again I am here for AntelopeAudio to do a 30-minute speech about the new Antares AutoTune embedded on EdgeGo interface… and of course I spiced it up a little but giving the audience some mixing tips… kinda a cool day, indeed.

Also I met CEO from Zaor studio furniture and some other cool cats in the business: you never know that something new will come up for next 2020, who knows…

And besides all of that and besides my beautiful trips to enjoy Fall falling leaves, why not doing a(nother) vocal recording session in Kyoto?!? Checked!


And what about a on-field recording session of italian blues man Matteo Leone‘s performance for Takumi Music with my ZenTour? Checked!

And what about Quartetto Interzone percussionist ensemble’s contemporary music performance at Italian Institute of Culture of Tokyo (still for Takumi Music),  FOH-ing for them and recording the gig?? Checked!


Icing cake: Paul Gilbert in town asking me to live record a new song written for Young Guitar magazine‘s anniversary! And all done with AntelopeAudio’s Goliath in ADAT link with my ZenTour?? Checked! a-ha!

See you next year, Japan!