Guitar performance, SpazioMusica Contemporary Music Festival


Another guitar performance together with a contemporary music ensemble (this time with a trumpet player, a keyboardist and a drummer) For this kind of stuff I always rely on my

Wallcrush, final touch on mix and releasing of “single” tracks


Another project finally turning to an end: I’m talking of the Italian rock band Wallcrush, which I recorded and mixed few months ago but it needed a final touch, expecially

“Miniere Sonore”, Contemporary Music Festival


As in the last years, once again I manage the technical part of “Miniere Sonore”, the contemporary music festival, held in Sardinia, usually at the end of Summer season. This

Editing and mixing contemporary music material


I’ve been editing (and roughly mixing) a lot of contemporary music material recorded thru the last year; all material played by Francesco Ciminiello, Roberto Migoni and the late Roberto Pellegrini.

EB-11, releasing their album


After a year from the recording session, Spain-based rock band EB11 are releasing their album. The album has been finally been mixed by its singer/songwriter/guitar player Eber, who decided to

Guitar parts and releasing of the Electric Dove project, South Africa


Some guitar session work for Davor “Davs” Mastanjevic’ s first EP releasing Electric Dove : I met Davor during a trip to South Africa in 2010 and we actually created a

Racer Cafè (Rojatti / Castellano) doing good


Racer Cafè project has a great welcoming in the guitar community: audience and press are enthusiastic about it and new positive and warm reviews have been released!

Interview on Italian main music online magazine Accordo.it


Very nice interview for Accordo.it, after the release of Racer Cafè album (by Castellano / Rojatti). Check it out: a lot of information, future planning and cameos!  

Guitar playing gig for the main house band @ Forte Village Resort


Long Summer for me on this 2014: May thru beginnin’ of October, playing guitar in the main stage of Forte Village Resort, Sardinia, Italy. Dress code, no amp, ear-monitoring, lot

Workshops and seminars in Tokyo, Japan


Just a very quick 5-day staying in Tokyo to teach some seminars. Everything has been very nice and I really love Tokyo and its vibe. On May 1st, 2-hour studio

Real World Studios, Mixing & Mastering session


After the Dolcetti / Aristocrats italian tour I literally bailed to UK to meet Luca Wu and go to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box (very close to Bath)

Italian dates w/ Dolcetti supporting The Aristocrats


Lately I started FOH engineering the 2014 italian tour of the rock duo “Dolcetti” (Gianni Rojatti & Erik Tulissio) ; for this tour we’ve been opening the italian dates of

****** SOON a FLASHBACK DIARY ******


Soon I will put online a ‘flashback’ diary with dates and highlights of my days in US, Spain and France together with all different seminars/workshop/sessions days in Mexico, Brazil, South

India: seminars and Agnee band


      My initial idea was to go to Mumbai (India) for a couple of weeks to learn some takadimi rhythmic method and get some (more) Indian vibe, and

Japan 10-11/2013


           Time to pack and going to Japan for 4 weeks: I will be doing a workshop over MI-Tokyo and some private audio lessons/seminar. The good