Lorenzo Feliciati’s new EP on release, Mixing and Mastering


Short trip to Rome to meet eclectic and versatile (and friend) Lorenzo Feliciati to finish up together the mixing of his new upcoming releasing “Rumble” EP (due in February 2020).

Japan #3 Gilbert, seminars, InterBEE, sessions and more!


My third time in Japan for this 2019 (and already booked for next April, wow!), this time for roughly a month in which I visited some of my beloved “clients”,

Peccioli, Italy. Performing with 3D printed instruments for a very good start…


3 days, quick one in Tuscany for “Resilient Communities” rendez-vous… and got a call to perform and showcase two beauties from the Monad Studio: a bass guitar and a guitar,

Latin America, AntelopeAudio’s clinic tour 2019


Soooooooo nice to be back in Latin America… just great… last time in Mexico was 2005 and in South American countries it was 2013… and 2019 featured all of them

Mastering Thomas Lang’s ProgPop album


Yes Yes Yes, Thomas is gonna release a super intriguing album very soon and the title says itself: progressive but pop, intricated but enjoyable, hard & heavy but amusing. And

Resetting (my) guitar production studio


Time is up to reset my personal studio for guitar recording. Being a big fan of amps and analog pedals in general, I have been slowly incorporating my new Kemper

Baku, Azerbaijan, workshop


Fist time for me in Baku, an interesting crossing path of Oil business, Caspian fashion, Caucasian habits and technology. 2 days, 6-hour in-depth seminar at Baku Castle. Guitar treatment, compression

Miniere Sonore 2019 Festival, Italy


Miniere Sonore: here we go on the spot of the year where I manage the technical aspect of this 3-day Contemporary music festival. This thou I prevent myself to perform

China (fast) trip, seminars


Back on intercontinental plane, this time to Beijing and Hong Kong. All sponsored by AntelopeAudio, a super fast 3-day trip to China. In Beijing big studio, nice crowd, lot of

AntelopeAudio workshops and seminars, Italy and Spain


Quick trips first to Taranto (at StrumentiMusicali.net headquarter) and to Rome, Italy, then to Barcelona, Spain,  to give some lecture about AntelopeAudio‘s products. I’ve been Brand Ambassador of this brand

Kerkyra/Corfù, Greece, Contemporary live gig


Guitar on my hand, time to perform some articulated contemporary music. It was a honor to be invited in the beautiful island of Kerkyra to perform a very long composition

Yerevan, Armenia, 2 weeks


Armenia time and back to Yerevan. This time a steady full gig at TUMO Center , a gigantic and impressive center for any form of art, and I got invited

Live gig, Luca Wu


Stage time with my loyal Strat and Nuno guitars. Pure amp and analog pedals for this gig in a theater with Luca Wu, Italian London-based artist and the rest of

Japan, May 2019


Japan galore for me again this time. 6 seminars (2 in Tokyo, 2 in Nagoya, 1 in Sendai and 1 in Hiroshima), very guitar oriented this time (which is definitely

AntelopeAudio HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria


Finally I have the chance to fly to Sofia and to meet (pretty much the entire) staff at Antelope Audio…! I’ve been representing this brand and carrying around on my