AntelopeAudio HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria


Finally I have the chance to fly to Sofia and to meet (pretty much the entire) staff at Antelope Audio…! I’ve been representing this brand and carrying around on my

Video Montage, Les Gobelins, Paris, France


Just done with two (amazing) months in Paris: I stopped all my work, all my activities (if not some online mixing and consulting) and got into a full time, 5

Winter in Japan with Pino Forastiere (Jan 15th-27th)


No NAMM show for me this year for nice unusual (for me) gig: in fact it’s about time for acoustic eclectic italian guitarist Pino Forastiere to tour Japan a bit

Classical Trio Recording. Piano, Viola & Flute


Back to classical recordings and back to my recording mobile set up (Antelope Zen Tour interface with Universal Audio, Millennia and Avalon mic pre, Aston and Neumann mics) to record

Contemporary and Classical Music Festival, Italy


Back home and back to (different) work. With “Amici della Musica” music association hired me to manage the technical direction of their festival: different artist between contemporary and classical music

Japan, 16-day galore, gig #7: Nagoya time


Nagoya on my way! At NSM this time, on a nice big SSL G+ series console (always good to be back on working on this board). Recording guitar techniques and

Japan, 16-day galore: #6


Toho Gakuen. Always loved this place, Audio Engineering school, just that: no other topics, instruments or anything different… focus on audio …and beatiful SSL

Japan, 16-day galore, gig #5. Shimamura Gakki, Kawasaki


Finishing my weekend with another Shimamura Gakki store event, this time at the Kawasaki branch. Serial compression, plug-ins galore, mixing and … more

Japan, 16-day galore, gig #4: Shimamura Gakki in Shinjuku, Tokyo


… and there goes my Saturday: workshop at Shimamura Gakki store in the heart of Shinjuku, in Tokyo center area. Cool gig, all smooth, nice crowd with good questions, me,

Japan, 16-day galore, gig #3: Musicians Institute Japan


私はとても東京が好きで、私はこの国で働くのが好きです Here we go, next!   I always feel very welcomed at MI-Japan, it reminds of my old days studying and teaching in the main Los Angeles’ campus and even

Japan, 16-day galore: gig #2, TSM Mixing workshop


Two days are passed by and it’s time to work again! Tokyo School of Music (TSM) in Shibuya for workshop meeting with the enrolled students over there. Beautiful SSL console and

Japan, 16-day galore: gig #1, InterBEE exhibition for Antelope Audio


A quick (for my japanese standards) trip to Tokyo for a few gigs here and there!   Very first one, the very next day I land, the InterBEE exhibition at

Pristina (Kosovo) & Tirana (Albania), Workshops and studio rec


Back to (close) Eastern Europe, back to Albania but before that, a nice interesting trip on alive Kosovo and to its capital, Pristina. Long weekend over there at the Termokiss

Miniere Sonore 2018: Alessandro Cortini, Elio Martusciello and…


Ninth year for our contemporary music (and not only, indeed) Festival in Sardinia, Italy. This year we were able to bring more international artists and, expecially for me, has been

Summer(time) ’18


As usual, I’ve been spending my Summertime back in Sardinia (Italy), where I grew up and where I have my studio set up for recording and mixing. So – besides