Covid-19. Cancellation of upcoming Japan clinic tour and recording sessions

This COVID-19 spreading has been changing day by day and all the country borders around the Blue Planet have been closing down as well: so in the end I have to cancel my whole trip due on Golden Week to Japan.
I had already few Masterclasses lined up as well as studio sessions… unfortunately it all has been cancelled in this very moment.

I am fine myself but Italy, my beloved country, has been suffering very much about this global disease and I personally lost a dear friend of mine in Italy and I have another one in Spain who has been fighting to get out of it… our government applied a total population lockdown strategy in order to avoid saturation in hospitals and the whole Italian medical institution has been working around the clock to give care to all the infected people we are counting.
We’ ve been suffering.

As for me coming to Japan, I promise that I will re-schedule my trip to your beautiful country as soon as it will be possible to make plans safely, whenever these uncertain time will pass: I can’t wait to come there again, to talk about music with you, to make music together again or to simply have a toast in front of a drink.

I just can’t wait to do all that again with you.

(illustration credit: Franco Rivolli)

This was my official statement on SNS and to my friends over there in Japan.

it’s all been changin’ for everybody… Impossible to make plans up to today… so I HAD to cancel my 3-week already scheduled clinic tour and my recording session in Japan.

I was supposed to lecture 4 sessions in Tokyo, 2 in Nagoya, 1 in Osaka (as for today but new booking were showing up) plus a full album recording session in Gunma prefecture… alright… there will be the time when we are going to be ready to reschedule all of that…


… for now… STAY at HOME