Latin America, AntelopeAudio’s clinic tour 2019

Soooooooo nice to be back in Latin America… just great… last time in Mexico was 2005 and in South American countries it was 2013… and 2019 featured all of them in one time!

September 27th      Mexico City, seminar at TEC University of Monterrey

October 1st              Lima (Perù), FB live streaming and workshop
October 2nd              Lima (Perù), FB live streaming and workshop

October 3rd              Sao Paulo (Brazil), seminar at Bossa

October 7th               Santiago de Chile (Chile), seminar at University (sound department)

…but beside the (exciting and successful) gigs, it was just like a vacation in a wonderful and colourful world that I always loved

It was great to be in here, teaching in Spanish wherever I could do it, get to know new people, use my AntelopeAudio ZenTour as main tool and making new connections for (possible) next trip next year.

Just loved it…!