Sound Engineering and music

Meanwhile debating throughout all my life whether or not dedicating more time to engineering or to playing my guitar, I’ve been energetically spending the last decade and a half in this business as professional engineer and audio instructor (for many years at Musicians Institute-Hollywood, SAE Nashville, Conservatory of Music and various academies) , performing mostly mixing gigs and seminars all around the blue Planet, lately focusing a lot on Asia but always keeping up with South America and my beloved Europe.




After an happy starting at the MI studios, I assisted Steve Vai himself and worked for his label Favored Nations, then I’ve been involved with Paul Gilbert (which I also tour with, as FOH) and been called from different part of the globe to work in, record, mix, produce or play in the most various styles of music: obviously a lot of rock-ish gigs but also many acoustical, contemporary and most recently electronic and classical.


Here following the majority of my credits, a few of them still need to be updated in here. Therefore please do check my BLOG for all my latest news and all seminar activities


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