AntelopeAudio HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria

Finally I have the chance to fly to Sofia and to meet (pretty much the entire) staff at Antelope Audio…! I’ve been representing this brand and carrying around on my seminars and masterclass, one of its (super) product, the Zen Tour interface.
Besides welcoming smiling faces all around, I had the chance to get updated with all Antelope’s releases, including its last “baby” , the super-clock unit Amari, thanks to the US guys who gave a corporate lecture to all the sales guys so… I took advantage of it, of course
Then I did a 2-hour workshop on compressing and EQ in a “in-the-box” mixing session, by using internal computer DSP but mostly ZenTour’s inserts option with pristine emulations of my (and everybody in this business) analog signal processors’ unit.

Now, it is time to develop more buzz around Antelope, integrate new markets and raise its well-deserved public acclamation.