South African galore. Guitar, Seminars, Teaching position etc.

So we start.
Almost 4 weeks in (beautiful) summertime of Cape Town.
Lot of stuff to come:
On the training side: a full Teaching position at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Cape town, a couple of workshops at ASE (and possibly in Johannesburg as well -crossin’ fingers). More workshops to be planned also, I’m sure.
On the engineering side: The Rudimentals tracking of one “single” release.  So looking forward to record one of their best tune -Rollin’- plus a possible FOH gig in a festival appearance of groovy band, Souljourn.
On the guitar playing side: looking forward also to arrange/record some new tracks for the prolific Electric Dove project.

Together with me my trustworthy Antelope Audio ZenTour interface (which I’m brand ambassador for) and my IK iLoud mini-speakers (as endorser), for sure.