Onekko, my Spotify account for ORIGINAL acoustic-based music

Here we go, it was born as a side project but it became one of my most active musical Avatar, with constant releasing every 3 weeks (pretty much).

The more I put new music online you will hear  more analog synths texture, some field recording and more stuff… Embrace it!

As far as the name goes, once again I put the double “KK” recalling my nickname, but it comes also from the word “cat” in Japanese (neko)  with the “o” in the front (a Japanese way to give more respect to the phrasing/word intended, like “o kane” -the money-, “o misu” -water, or “O genki desu ka” – “how are you” in a polite way)


so… o-nek(k)o… Onekko.