Japan 10-11/2013

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Time to pack and going to Japan for 4 weeks: I will be doing a workshop over MI-Tokyo and some private audio lessons/seminar.

The good thing about these weeks is the fact that I will be playing guitar in many open jam sessions, just for the sake of it, almost everyday!

Not to mention the great evening over the Blue Moon bar in Tokyo as one of the two guest guitar players of the happening (together with Masaya Shinoara) ,  bass player Kota Yanase and drummer Hiroaki Noguchi – all instructors from MI-Tokyo – .

I will be also joining Motoki ‘Mike’ Sagawa’ s Smooth Foundation association: will be writing more about it in the future!

Will be a great chance for me to meet again the old MI-Hollywood folks like Masaya-san, Yosuke-san (in Sendai) and Chika-san (in Okayama)!