Dolcetti’s italian tour, opening for Andy Timmons band and SHG-Salerno

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During Paul Gilbert’s european tour I got called by the italian duo Dolcetti (Gianni Rojatti, guitar and keys, Erik Tulissio, drums) to do their italian tour dates as FOH, right after Gilbert’s tour.

Dates included Vicenza, Pisa, Salerno (for the SHG music instruments show) and L’Aquila.

In between these italian tour days we were invited to perform at the SHG show in Salerno (the very first edition for south italy) where, besides engineering Dolcetti and all artists showcases, I also FOH engineered the saturday night show at Teatro Vittoria with Dolcetti together with bassist Lorenzo Feliciati and italian guitar top session player Giacomo Castellano. Right before that Feliciati performed with drummer Pier Paolo Ferroni.