EB 11, tracking session


Spain-based EB 11 came to track a full album in 4 days: a very high demanding challenge but..we did it.

We recorded all drums and bass parts, tons of rhythm guitars and most of the solos, plus, of course, the vocals.

No amp modeling fx were used at all but only real amps (with all their time consuming issues as well!) : so Fender, Carvin Legacy, Mese Rectifiers and Marshall Plexi / Scarlatto. Good time.

Three studios in Sardinia (Italy) were used to track this project: Sonusville , 2112 reharsal studio (where I bought a 4-channel API mic pre and where we pretty much had almost all the amps we needed) and my main studio over there, the CagliariCalcio-AccademiaFanny .