on Accordo.it, an article of mine


It used to happen very often for me in the past to write for the (online) most important music magazine in Italy, Accordo.it, and it seems that it will be

India. Mastering gig for “Sharma And The Besharams”


Here we go again with another mastering gig and once again coming from (my beloved) India!   Vasuda Sharma is a well-known singer songwriter, Mumbai based, in India and amongst

India. Stem Mastering gig, Prog Rock


On the lockdown time I was pretty lucky to get my workflow going since I got hired to perform a couple mastering gigs, this time especially from indian artist.  

Antelope Audio channel, live streamin’ on mixing


During this Covid-19 quarantine time, people and companies have been re-organizing themselves on web based activities and marketing strategy. On one of these events, I’ ve been involved on a

BLOG in ENGLISH. “The Old Days”. Foreword and the “Steve Vai broken headstock” story


I have worked for Steve Vai and side by side with Steve Vai for over three years. It is something that I am very proud of and it had obviously

BLOG in ITALIAN. “The Old Days” Prologo e la “faccenda” della paletta spezzata in casa Vai.


Ho lavorato per Steve Vai e con Steve Vai per poco più di tre anni. E’ una cosa della quale vado fiero ed ovviamente mi ha aperto la strada verso

Covid-19. Cancellation of upcoming Japan clinic tour and recording sessions


This COVID-19 spreading has been changing day by day and all the country borders around the Blue Planet have been closing down as well: so in the end I have

Covid-19. From Santiago de Chile, cancellation of rest of South American Tour


…and there you are… Covid-19 has been spreading (and scaring) all over the place. With Italy locked-down, the rest of Europe on its way to be, spreading of the virus

South America Clinic tour coming up in March (with Antelope Audio)


Excited -but very cautious at the same time because of the Coronavirus epidemic behaviour- to go back to South America for an intense clinic/masterclass tour together with my main sponsor

Opening of “Enrico Kikko Sesselego” YouTube Channel


Finally I did… they asked me for, my webmaster bitched about doing that through the years and here we come… I finally opened a youtube channel of myself… I don’t

“Salamanders in The Sun” (Steve Vai) rock cover release on Accordo.it


Finally we did release (our) version of Salamanders of the Sun, one of the mythological Steve Vai track from the eighties album “Flex-able“, where he was very much still into

Lorenzo Feliciati’s new EP on release, Mixing and Mastering


Short trip to Rome to meet eclectic and versatile (and friend) Lorenzo Feliciati to finish up together the mixing of his new upcoming releasing “Rumble” EP (due in February 2020).

Japan #3 Gilbert, seminars, InterBEE, sessions and more!


My third time in Japan for this 2019 (and already booked for next April, wow!), this time for roughly a month in which I visited some of my beloved “clients”,

Peccioli, Italy. Performing with 3D printed instruments for a very good start…


3 days, quick one in Tuscany for “Resilient Communities” rendez-vous… and got a call to perform and showcase two beauties from the Monad Studio: a bass guitar and a guitar,

Latin America, AntelopeAudio’s clinic tour 2019


Soooooooo nice to be back in Latin America… just great… last time in Mexico was 2005 and in South American countries it was 2013… and 2019 featured all of them