Guitar duo performance, Italy

“Christening” of my new duo project together with composer guitarist friend Raffaele Matta.
His electric guitar with looping and spacy fx and me on effected nylon string guitar (for once) and electronics.

Good to have my no-input mixing basic set up and my Dark Energy toy with me.

So fa so good




Back to the Archeological Museum in Cagliari (Italy), this time invited to bring a live performance.
So I was very keen to make our first live show together with friend composer Raffaele Matta, in our experimental guitar duo project, just started at the beginning of this year.

The project consists on electric guitar and nylon string (amplified) guitar, with guitar FX (sometimes in extreme fashion) together with concrete music kinda improv and pure electronic impromptu (with my Dark Energy unit employed on a no-input mixing environment).