Back on traveling for Audio Workshops. ALBANIA

Slowly but steadily it seems that travelin’ can happen again and people are keen to get together again to attend concerts, events and… workshops!

Coming up a 4-day trip to (always interesting) Tirana, Albania for 2 different events.

The first one – supported by the IIC (Italian Institute of Culture) of Tirana – held at the prestigious University of Arts‘ amphitheatre (even thou all students were spaced out between each other for Covid restrictions…) for the enrolled students.

Second one, totally organised by local promoters, held at the new co-working location of “Destil” in Tirana’s city center: here I got the chance to go more in-depth over digital mastering and mixing tips since the crowd were all Albanian musicians and producers.

With me my ZenTour SynergyCore from my sponsor AntelopeAudio and my Ollo Audio headphones.

Fun times, as usual, in Albania.