Tokyo, Shizuoka and Nagoya. A 5-week Japan galore time

Back to my beloved Japan and its capital Tokyo, which I still think it is one of the most efficient and exciting capital of the planet.

This time, thou, besides my “usual” workshops or seminar over TSM (Tokyo School of Music) I also did an interesting lecture at the Toho Gakuen (one of the main audio engineering academy in Tokyo) plus I went to Nagoya, lecturing at the NSM school for the first time.

Not to forget my starting collaboration with the brand Takumi from Shizuoka and possibly with Naked-inc. to supervise their magnificent outdoor live lights exhibitions.

Also Shimamura Gakki called me back again to talk about mixing a live show (I used one recording from my previous tour as a good session sample)

But before all of that, it was for me an honour being the FOH engineer for the My Little God concert as a tribute to the late Mikio Fujioka from Babymetal. Kami band, Kari band plus all-guest bands from Musicians Institute and more were there. A very busy 12-hour shift to make it happen, with the Studio X crew managing the complicated stage changes and our Antelope gear recording everything.

Full house for us at Clubcittà in Yokohama and a moving and busy night for me FOH-ing on its Digico console!


To finish up my 5-week adventure in Japan with an uphill climax I got called at all-vintage-geared Dedè studio in Ikebukuro to record one tune by spanish guitar session player Alberto Garcia, backed up for that by session drummer Mike Marrington ,  Japanese session players Jun Ishida on bass and Daisuke Kuroda on guitar.

…then 3 hour of sleeping and a big run to Narita airport to catch my finland-flagged plane back to Europe!