Tokyo, fall 2015

As I imagined it was going to be, the Japanese period  I spent in Fall was a blast: love the language, the food, the music and, for sure, the people.

I taught a couple of good seminar at Musicians Institute ( MI Japan) and at TSM (Tokyo School of Music), both located in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Also did a couple of recording session in Gunma Prefecture.

Not mentioning great quality jam session I went to and great shows (with an extra week spent in Seoul, Korea and some wandering around Japan between the North and the South) : also, again, I spent some time with great guitar player (and awesome people) I love such as, most of all, Mikio Fujioka (who also plays with Babymetal-Kami band, allowing me to attend their rehearsal session).

Just great quality time. As I expected.


sesselego-MI-Japan-shibuya-seminar-protools sesselego-mikio-fujioka-mugen-tokyo-n4-esp-washburn