Mumbai, India

The Mumbai thing turned to be an “all Indian thing” since it happened that I travel to do some training to Agnee‘s FOH engineer: besides the Mumbai show we travelled to Bangalore and Delhi.

In fact I spent most of the time with beautiful-melody maker guitarist Koco Dhavale, the main composer of rock band Agnee.

For those who don’t know who Agnee are, they actually are the most famous indipendent 4-piece rock band in India:  “indipendent” in India means “outside of the Bollywood music scene” and that’s it! As a matter of fact Agnee fills 8000-10000 people venues all over India. Check the unplugged MTV and live concerts on YouTube.

So it was just a beautiful experience: I also shared my experience and tips with Koco himself, showing him some nice EQ/Compressing tips in his private studio, for his future producing process.

Besides that I also did my scheduled Masterclass over the True School of Music in Mumbai, and it was pretty successful (to their opinion!) : for sure I enjoy doing this kind of thing.

See you hopefully soon India!


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