Japan galore! Studio sessions & (lot of) workshops

It was an intense 3-week staying in Japan this time, and not only Tokyo but also Osaka.

Starting with (a fun) blasting session at legendary Kitty Studio in Izu (south of Fuji mountain), testing out the facility for future application, then a sequence of various seminars and workshops: Tokyo School of Music (TSM) and Musicians Institute Japan (MI Japan) in Shibuya, the huge Nihon Kogakuin college in downtown Tokyo plus a day at the Osaka School of Music (OSM) in Osaka.

With me, performing as always, my Ik-Multimedia plug-in bundle, which I am endorser for.

Not forgetting my visit at the Red Bull Studio in Shibuya (Tokyo), testing out a master clock unit for Abendrot.

As usual, fun times and I love this land and this people.