Japan, 16-day galore, gig #3: Musicians Institute Japan


Here we go, next!


I always feel very welcomed at MI-Japan, it reminds of my old days studying and teaching in the main Los Angeles’ campus and even thou it is a complete different environment (and language!), the feeling is there and I enjoyed.

They have me doing what is called “Open Counseling” in MI’s slang, where basically the attending student for the artist/sound creating and (of course) guitar program ask anything about music production.

And of course to me it is just a good chance to start developing any topic to a larger perspective and it does always feel good to get student deeply involved in the audio world, its troubles, its thinking and most of all, in the understanding of the “necessary evil” to make their music -and their playing, I would definitely say- better and competitive.

With me my Antelope Zen Tour interface, my IK Multimedia plug ins,  my hard disk with my zillions of Pro Tools sessions that I can pop up on the fly for any question or topic’s dilemma!

and, once again, let’s wait for the incoming (busy) weekend

Ganbatte ne!