Guitar gig, contemporary music festival, Italy

In Italy for Christmas vacation, why not been involved in a Contemporary Music Festival in my hometown together with fine musicians like Roberto Migoni (on vibraphone) and all directed by italian composer Lucio Garau.
Two are the main topics for me: the very first intro of the 45-minute performance is up to me by reading a written music part which includes a lot of very high and (un)natural harmonics to play on guitar (like on 3rd, 2nd and even 1st fret) by managing a volume pedal, an overall overdriven sound and a short reverb.

Then, in the middle of the ensemble performance, we all engage an improvised solo, pretty much by using the same techniques and in the same “vibe” as the intro.

The main choice amongst the guitars was either an Ibanez S-series, my beloved N4 Washburn and a (completely different) Gibson Les Paul… and Les Paul will be!
With its precise fretboard, high action and heavy gauge strings set up… perfect for harmonics!


Ah, yes… not to worry about my eye… it was just a little thing that it lasted for a couple of days!