Electric Dove, part 2, guitar parts, South Africa

“Davs” Mastanjevic releases his Electric Dove project, part 2;  I would define it as  “Electronic music meets rock in a pop environment with some twist”!

Once again I got my guitar parts put in on most of the 5 tracks of this EP: in a dramatic sequence of events I finally managed to record my part while I was in my residence house in Nantes, France after a forced break from playing guitar do to an motorcycle accident.

Long story short, I made it: this time only with my (trustworthy) N4 electric guitar directly into a Guitar Rig software (!), only monitored on Alesis speakers. Basically my french home-recording facility!


And my improvised guitar parts made it to the actual album, actually many more of them compared to the “Electric Dove part 1”: and maybe due to the fact that this one is more rock-oriented!

That was a great ending for this 2014.