Dolcetti and Racer Cafè tracking session

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July keeps gettin’ busier with the Dolcetti drums recording session for their new album (to be released in 2014), over my usual italian CagliariCalcio studio in Cagliari, Italy.

Since Dolcetti planned on releasing an instrumental record together, under the name of Racer Cafè, with italian bass player Dado Neri and top session guitar player Giacomo Castellano, Erik (Tulissio, Dolcetti’s drummer) also recorded his drums part on this project.

Mogar (the main musical instruments distributor in Italy) sent out a full TAMA drum kit for Eric and sponsored Laney and Zoom products – together with Ibanez guitars – for Gianni

During these days we also managed to organize a 1-day clinic/concert (where I FOH engineered).

Watch the official article and vids:

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