Aston Mic, hard-core evaluation tests in South Africa

This time in Cape Town I also have the chance to really test out my new Aston Mic Spirit in different occasions.

I really wanted to finally have a real touch of its potential in real recording situations and different genre/style of music; and this very soon came in place since I could use it for The Rudimentals‘ session, as the “brass” section’s room mic, at the Soundcast studio in Woodstock.

After finding a good mono balanced sounding spot in the room (by moving around to achieve a natural balance in volume between the Sax, Trombone and Trumpet in the section), I captured a natural room sound in a fairly close position, very useful in the mix to get the “glued” brass section sound for this funk/hip/raggae (and whatever else!) band.


Also I tested as mono room mic for the drum and electric guitar recording in my class at  SAE, with the groovy band Souljourn, and I know that for the mixing session coming up, I will compress these tracks to get a vintage-sounding room, kinda boomy (in a nice way) in a Bonham‘s fashion sort of speak.

And, last but not least, for the vocal tracking I actually engaged a pretty tough competition with the top available mics they have at SAE: I made the singer singing the same part over and over, in the same (Neve) pre, switching mic every time… and, together with the all students in the class and with the actual singer, we finally decided to use the Spirit for the definitive recording! I was surprised myself, since we lined up a beautiful local-made TUL mic and few others…but we chose the Spirit!

Good job at Aston… great job, I would say!