Japan mini-tour, Fall 2023


Starting my gig dates in Tokyo with a day of video shooting at Ikebe Music (in Shibuya) for Antelope Audio, together with guitar player Ryunosuke Yamagishi. We did some guitar

Universiteti i Arteve, Tirana, Albania. Masterclass


Back at the Universiteti i Arteve of Tirana for a short music production masterclass, talking about FX-ing and some mic’ing/mixing tips for orchestra tracking Quick but fun.

Solo Performance at “Peccioli Forum”, Italy


At Peccioli Forum Biodiversity conference a Architecture Biennale of Venice 2021 spin off Performing with these unique and futuristic guitar and cello-ish from Monad Studio (Miami) With a touch of

Guitar duo performance, Italy


“Christening” of my new duo project together with composer guitarist friend Raffaele Matta. His electric guitar with looping and spacy fx and me on effected nylon string guitar (for once)

City of Guitars Festival 2023, Locarno, Switzerland


Second year for me at the super nice City of Guitars Festival held in the main central place in Locarno, Switzerland. This year I got call to be coordinate closed-door

August, “Propagazioni Festival” and “Miniere Sonore Festival”, Italy


This year together with the technical direction of Miniere Sonore Festival I was asked to manage the Propagazioni Festival, a more literature-oriented festival held in Sardinia, Italy, for a total

Linking Road Festival, First Edition, Armungia (Italy)


This comes from a personal idea of creating a festival in tiny amusing small town of Armungia in Sardinia (Italy) and, together with my friend composer Raffaele Matta, we put

Cala Gonone Jazz Festival, guitar performance (Italy)


I got an invitation to play guitar and perform together with contemporary duo (Mario Massa – sax and fx – and Mixa Fortuna – vox and fx) at the Cala

Mixing (and mastering session), Palermo, Italy


New freelancing mixing (and eventually mastering) in Palermo, Italy, for local guitar player and composer Germano Seggio. We managed to mix at his personal studio inside the music school for

June (and beginning of July), Matera’s Conservatory of Music galore!


June 2023 will be remembered by me as a super-intense teaching marathon at the Conservatory of Music of Matera (Italy), with a lot in-class lecture but also recording sessions held

Japan, Spring 2023 Masterclasses Tour (and not only)


Back full throttle to (my beloved) Tokyo and Japan for a pretty frantic tour around Japan together with some recording session. This time was intense as much as it used

Conferenza Museo Archeologico Cagliari, Italy


Nice to be invited at the Archeological Museum of my hometown in Italy. They wanted me to do a speech about my personal work around the world, including excerpts from

Music Production masterclass at Universiteti i Arteve, Tirana, Albania


Back to one of my favorite places in Europe and this time for a Masterclass/Lecture about Music Production in the conference Hall of the Universiteti i Arteve (the equivalent of

Bologna Conservatory of Music, recording sessions with the inMics foreign students


One of the best days of teaching at the “Martini” Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy for my international students of the inMics program. I could finally show my foreign

Official full time teaching position at Conservatory of Music in Matera, Italy


A year rich of surprises like the call to fill in as officially as full time “Maestro” in Electro-acoustics at the Conservatory of Music of Matera, one of the European

To Antelope Audio HQ and Masterclass at Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria


Antelope Audio called me to its HQ in Sofia to fill me in with some new products ready to be released at new Namm Show 2023 so it’s been an

Back to India since pre-Covid times and Plick The Pick Endorsement


So excited to get back to India after 5 years between work and Covid restrictions time… and finally get back on track with few work connections, a last minute FOH

Teaching position at Conservatory of Music in Bologna, Italy


Surprisingly while in Tirana I got an official call at Conservatory of Music in Bologna for a 30-hour special teaching position in English for students from international Master program: so

Tumo Tirana, Tirana, Albania


On the loop of the Armenian born TUMO Center brand, I got invited in Tumo Tirana to perform a full week of workshop about producing music for commercial. Tirana –

Japan 2022, after 3 years of Covid isolation


Finally it was possible to travel to Japan after a strict closure Coronavirus policy that has withdrawn in the beginning of October; therefore time was up for me to plan

Masterlab at Tumo Lyon (France)


Just done with a productive 5-day “Music production for commercials” Masterlab at TUMO-Lyon. Five intensive days of Logic galore, recording in studio and final delivery with presentation in the main

City of Guitars 2022, Locarno, Switzerland


New entry for me this year by getting invited at the City of Guitars festival in Locarno with a lot of guests: my job was to get the vibe of

Miniere Sonore Festival, Italy. Technical direction and Gen Duo performance


Like every year Miniere Sonore contemporary music festival has been held in late Summer in Sardinia, Italy. After 15 edition of being myself the technical director for the event, this

5-day workshop in Berlin, Germany


Right after my degree final exam time to put myself on an aircraft again and go to Berlin, Germany, for a 5-day masterclass at Tumo Berlin: topic, once again, creating-arranging-mixing-delivery

Master Degree on Electronic Music at Conservatory of Music, Italy


Finally I made it: due to pandemic I enrolled Conservatory of Music for its “Electronic Music” program and after 2 years I graduated with maximum score plus “Lode” (Honors) for

Video shooting for Antelope Audio and its Galaxy 32 Atmos-ready unit


This time I’ve been engaged by Antelope Audio to shoot a video presentation (in Italian and Spanish) about its new Galaxy 32 interface with the Dolby Atmos integration-ready feature. We

Steve Vai’s italian tour leg with supporting act


Five day on the road, from North to South of Italy and back, 2000 km (at least), with “Gianni Rojatti vs Dang duo (Marco Scipione and Daniel Fasano)” act supporting

First duo performance together with CRS4’s researcher F. Colucci


Finally our duo, Generative duo, myself together with CRS4’s researcher Felice Colucci,  made its first performance as ‘No input mixing’ one at Oktave festival in Sardinia. Our challenge is to

Composing music for a contemporary art museum installation, Italy


This time I was asked to create a 20 minute composition as a of an interactive installation for a contemporary art installation. The exhibition, held in the old “San Michele”

Interzone Festival, contemporary and jazz music


Time for Interzone, a one-day concentrated festival: many concerts in a single musical marathon (contemporary and jazz) to remember the much loved Roberto Pellegrini, held over the Conservatory of Music

Announcing the Italian leg of Steve Vai’s Inviolate Tour 2022 as opening act


Great news from the world… I’ll be FOH’ing a super trio (Daniel Fasano, Gianni Rojatti e Marco Scipione) for the 5 italian dates of Steve Vai‘s new tour coming up

Back to Armenia, recording and mixing session


After pandemic times it is good to be able to start traveling outside Europe once again… this time back to Armenia, on my 3rd time, to be involved on the

Polline 2022, Contemporary Audio Visual Festival


Just done with POLLINE 2022, a contemporary Audio Visual festival organised by the Conservatory of Music and Ticonzero production A festival which I was put as technical director for but

Out the Ollo Audio Ep.5 video/podcast about producing guitar


Finally out the Ollo Audio Ep.5 of their video/podcast serie: this time they got me in together with Leo Abrahams to have a chat about producing guitar, with focusing on

On Accordo.it new article about the newest ZenQ unit by Antelope Audio


Just got released my new article on Accordo.it, this time about Antelope Audio newest version of their recent portable ZenQ unit. A condensed review of its great features and capabilities,

Recording (and mixing) of composer Aulon Naci


Intense day at the main Auditorium of the Conservatory of Music to record (and later mix/master) a 7-piece Ep from Albanian composer Aulon Naci, performing on a beautiful Steinway Piano.

Narvalo, new original ballad tune released


Here finally releasing and “emerging” our small and intimate ballad song, “Narvalo”. – Emanuele Pittoni – voice Enrico Kikko Sesselego – guitar Matteo Sedda – trumpet – For us it

Week in Kyiv, Ukraine, for Tumo Institute


(Quick) recap of a fantastic week in Kiev, Ukraine, at Tumo Institute: lot of music -composed and recorded-, studio time and tasks! And it was very handy to have my

SHG Guitar Exhibition, Milan. Interview for “Classic Rock”


After a long and necessary pause, Accordo.it finally went back on organising the SHG (Second Hand Guitar) exhibition, the only real guitar exhibition left in Italy lately; and, as usual,

Paris, November 14th-20th, teaching at Paris 8 University


Back to Paris directly from Canary Islands… and here’s after a loooong week teaching at “Paris 8 University” as “external professor” It was an honor and a challenge, for sure.

Tenerife, Spain. Recording session and equipment testing


Some teaching, some recording sessions for the Scottish TV and some equipment testing (Antelope Audio’s Axino marvel and Ollo’s headphones) All of that in Tenerife!      

Tenerife, Radio Interview, November 8th


Back to Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, after a (too) long break from it… good to be here and, besides vacation, definitely a productive place. First day, radio interview at Radiosuradeje,

Paris, November 1st-7th, TUMO Paris


Paris, week 1. That week this was  my office, right in the heart of Paris, inside the prestigious Forum des Images: the Tumo Paris. A 4-day long full workshop over

Workshop on streaming with Santiago de Chile


Third “chapter” of my online streaming workshop with the CHT-Estudios/Lab in Santiago de Chile. After being physically there before the Covid-19 time, we’ve been in touch and planning events together

BIENNALE VENEZIA, my improvised performance


Finally officially released the video of my improvised performance at the BIENNALE VENEZIA at the Italian Pavilion, playing a unique piece 3D-printed bass by Monad Studio of Miami. Resilient Communities

Releasing “Percussioni” CD


After years of standing-by and a lot of work, the “Percussioni” CD is released for the “Amici della Musica” association of Cagliari, an album dedicated to the never forgotten Maestro

Back on traveling for Audio Workshops. ALBANIA


Slowly but steadily it seems that travelin’ can happen again and people are keen to get together again to attend concerts, events and… workshops! Coming up a 4-day trip to

Recording and Mixing Metal guitars. My lesson on Accordo.it


Second appointment with my 2-episode serie of guitar tracking lessons on Italian main music hub Accordo.it. This time is about tracking and mixing metal guitar and I used my Ibanez

Performing at BIENNALE of Architecture 2021, Venice


Honored to be invited performing 🎸 here at the Biennale’s host pavilion, the Italian Pavilion – Thanks @monad_studio who invited me to play this unique 3D-printed unique, one of a kind, experimental

Classical music concert duo project: electric guitar and acoustic piano


Just done with my very first Classical music concerts, performed as a peculiar duo, a piano Maestro from Conservatory of Music and myself on the electric guitar sonic realm… For

on Accordo.it, my new lesson (with video) about guitar tracking


Accordo.it just started releasing a cycle of 4 specific lessons (with video) about guitar recording and mixing treatment   This time I went for a rock rhythm, double tracked with

EKSESS, my Spotify account for ORIGINAL experimental music


I don’t know “how much” experimental you might consider my original releases on “Eksess” but you can bet that most of them were born from impromptu performance with different devices.

Onekko, my Spotify account for ORIGINAL acoustic-based music


Here we go, it was born as a side project but it became one of my most active musical Avatar, with constant releasing every 3 weeks (pretty much). The more

ClassiKKo, my Spotify account for classical music performed on nylon string guitar


“ClassiKKo”, has been operative and running on the last few months and I’ ve been uploading new releases on a 3-week basis. It came out from my willing to record

(My) Ollo profile


Glad to share my profile on the Ollo’s company page: plans are to be able to do more activities together even thou we just started as artist relationship. Check it

New article on Accordo.it, about music notation and guitar TAB


Check this new release of mine on main italian magazine Accordo. Talkin’ about the importance of TAB over the last 30-year spam of guitar chapters. Pretty good,  italian readers!

Joinin’ the Ollo Headphones company


Just received a brand new pair of S4X Reference headphones from (pretty much) newborn Ollo Audio company. It has been a blast to test them on different mixing and mastering

Interview released on newspaper, Italy


A very nice and pretty long interview has been released on the cultural page of an italian newspaper. The interviewer, Vanna Chessa, did a pretty good job on compressing a

Releasing of a “Hibernation”, collaboration between me as KikkoSesse and albanian artist Christopher Ndrio


“Hibernation“, a “petit-vintage-disco-instrumental-groovy-spacy” composition, gets finally released after months that has been ready! It’s the (happy) result of my collaboration as KikkoSesse with Albanian artist Christopher Ndrio. Besides what anybody

Masterclass (on streaming) for the CHT studios, Santiago, Chile


Back to teaching and again on this new (and mandatory during this Covid-19 times of us!) streaming fashion. And once again for the CHT estudios, a very refined and state-of-the-art

Contemporary Music Concert, DVD making, Part 2: editing and mixing. Italy


Part 2 of the Contemporary Music DVD Concert:  being my job the technical director, besides recording and mixing engineer, this time also (interesting, indeed) video montage editor and DVD making

Contemporary Music Concert, DVD making, Part 1: live and studio recording. Italy


Stuck for this Covid-19 in Italy… so better start getting other gigs going while I am here in Italy: the DVD making of a contemporary music concert seems to be

My first tune, Resume/Raat Ko Zid Hai, being released under the name KikkoSesse


Very happy (and proud of the result) to release my first official release “Resume/Raat Ko Zid Hai” (and video!) as KikkoSesse on Spotify and main digital platforms.   The song

Discovering new album credits! Recording back in L.A.


I found out that the recording session I did for Ervin Toucet, back in Los Angeles more than a decade ago, got released and the record it’s up-and-running on Spotify!

Paul Gilbert, Live in Brighton release, official credit


Never shared this before but I’m glad that the 2016 European tour date in Brighton with Gilbert has become an official release. And that it all started from my multitrack

“Uncle Faust” album released, mastering credits, Italy


Uncle Faust, a project which I did mastering session for, has been finally released with a fancy custom made sleeve and nice packaging. Tough Covid-19 times but we keep it

Seconda pillola su Accordo.it


Here again with my 2-week appointment with Accordo.it with one of my article: this time we talk about ampli vs digital and headphones. Enjoy! Here is the direct link to

Delay lesson on Accordo.it


Back on writing on Accordo.it, this time I talked about delay and some interesting applications; it is such a huge amount of material to mention and face about delay that

with Accordo.it at BLAP studio, Milan, Italy


Back on a plane after several months of Covid “standing by” to reach the full team of Accordo.it: many things on one day but the most important (for me at

Interview for the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) of Tirana, Albania


Finally released an interview I did with the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) of Tirana, Albania. A very nice and fun conversation with the director over my career path, my

Miniere Sonore, Contemporary Music Festival, Italy


Even thou chances this year were against the making of the Festival Miniere Sonore because of Covid-19, we managed to make it happen. A 3-day kermesse with 10 total performances,

Suspended band, punk album, from recording to mastering


Recording, mixing and mastering for the new album from italian based band Suspended, a punk trio with 10 original tune. Short tunes and lot of vocal harmonies. Fun to record

Cello album, tracking session


Spending June and July on some cello tracking with my portable home recording set up has been a great way to “smart work”: about 30 hour of the finest cello

Recording, mixing & mastering the new Matteo Leone’s full studio album


Started recording session in March, right before Italian lockdown, finally we’ve been able to finish mixing and mastering (with some additional recording hours) the latest Matteo Leone album, featuring Farees

on Accordo.it, an article of mine


It used to happen very often for me in the past to write for the (online) most important music magazine in Italy, Accordo.it, and it seems that it will be

India. Mastering gig for “Sharma And The Besharams”


Here we go again with another mastering gig and once again coming from (my beloved) India!   Vasuda Sharma is a well-known singer songwriter, Mumbai based, in India and amongst

India. Stem Mastering gig, Prog Rock


On the lockdown time I was pretty lucky to get my workflow going since I got hired to perform a couple mastering gigs, this time especially from indian artist.  

Antelope Audio channel, live streamin’ on mixing


During this Covid-19 quarantine time, people and companies have been re-organizing themselves on web based activities and marketing strategy. On one of these events, I’ ve been involved on a

BLOG in ENGLISH. “The Old Days”. Foreword and the “Steve Vai broken headstock” story


I have worked for Steve Vai and side by side with Steve Vai for over three years. It is something that I am very proud of and it had obviously

BLOG in ITALIAN. “The Old Days” Prologo e la “faccenda” della paletta spezzata in casa Vai.


Ho lavorato per Steve Vai e con Steve Vai per poco più di tre anni. E’ una cosa della quale vado fiero ed ovviamente mi ha aperto la strada verso

Covid-19. Cancellation of upcoming Japan clinic tour and recording sessions


This COVID-19 spreading has been changing day by day and all the country borders around the Blue Planet have been closing down as well: so in the end I have

Covid-19. From Santiago de Chile, cancellation of rest of South American Tour


…and there you are… Covid-19 has been spreading (and scaring) all over the place. With Italy locked-down, the rest of Europe on its way to be, spreading of the virus

South America Clinic tour coming up in March (with Antelope Audio)


Excited -but very cautious at the same time because of the Coronavirus epidemic behaviour- to go back to South America for an intense clinic/masterclass tour together with my main sponsor

Opening of “Enrico Kikko Sesselego” YouTube Channel


Finally I did… they asked me for, my webmaster bitched about doing that through the years and here we come… I finally opened a youtube channel of myself… I don’t

“Salamanders in The Sun” (Steve Vai) rock cover release on Accordo.it


Finally we did release (our) version of Salamanders of the Sun, one of the mythological Steve Vai track from the eighties album “Flex-able“, where he was very much still into

Lorenzo Feliciati’s new EP on release, Mixing and Mastering


Short trip to Rome to meet eclectic and versatile (and friend) Lorenzo Feliciati to finish up together the mixing of his new upcoming releasing “Rumble” EP (due in February 2020).

Japan #3 Gilbert, seminars, InterBEE, sessions and more!


My third time in Japan for this 2019 (and already booked for next April, wow!), this time for roughly a month in which I visited some of my beloved “clients”,

Peccioli, Italy. Performing with 3D printed instruments for a very good start…


3 days, quick one in Tuscany for “Resilient Communities” rendez-vous… and got a call to perform and showcase two beauties from the Monad Studio: a bass guitar and a guitar,

Latin America, AntelopeAudio’s clinic tour 2019


Soooooooo nice to be back in Latin America… just great… last time in Mexico was 2005 and in South American countries it was 2013… and 2019 featured all of them

Mastering Thomas Lang’s ProgPop album


Yes Yes Yes, Thomas is gonna release a super intriguing album very soon and the title says itself: progressive but pop, intricated but enjoyable, hard & heavy but amusing. And

Resetting (my) guitar production studio


Time is up to reset my personal studio for guitar recording. Being a big fan of amps and analog pedals in general, I have been slowly incorporating my new Kemper

Baku, Azerbaijan, workshop


Fist time for me in Baku, an interesting crossing path of Oil business, Caspian fashion, Caucasian habits and technology. 2 days, 6-hour in-depth seminar at Baku Castle. Guitar treatment, compression

Miniere Sonore 2019 Festival, Italy


Miniere Sonore: here we go on the spot of the year where I manage the technical aspect of this 3-day Contemporary music festival. This thou I prevent myself to perform

China (fast) trip, seminars


Back on intercontinental plane, this time to Beijing and Hong Kong. All sponsored by AntelopeAudio, a super fast 3-day trip to China. In Beijing big studio, nice crowd, lot of

AntelopeAudio workshops and seminars, Italy and Spain


Quick trips first to Taranto (at StrumentiMusicali.net headquarter) and to Rome, Italy, then to Barcelona, Spain,  to give some lecture about AntelopeAudio‘s products. I’ve been Brand Ambassador of this brand

Kerkyra/Corfù, Greece, Contemporary live gig


Guitar on my hand, time to perform some articulated contemporary music. It was a honor to be invited in the beautiful island of Kerkyra to perform a very long composition

Yerevan, Armenia, 2 weeks


Armenia time and back to Yerevan. This time a steady full gig at TUMO Center , a gigantic and impressive center for any form of art, and I got invited

Live gig, Luca Wu


Stage time with my loyal Strat and Nuno guitars. Pure amp and analog pedals for this gig in a theater with Luca Wu, Italian London-based artist and the rest of

Japan, May 2019


Japan galore for me again this time. 6 seminars (2 in Tokyo, 2 in Nagoya, 1 in Sendai and 1 in Hiroshima), very guitar oriented this time (which is definitely

AntelopeAudio HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria


Finally I have the chance to fly to Sofia and to meet (pretty much the entire) staff at Antelope Audio…! I’ve been representing this brand and carrying around on my