Pristina (Kosovo) & Tirana (Albania), Workshops and studio rec


Back to (close) Eastern Europe, back to Albania but before that, a nice interesting trip on alive Kosovo and to its capital, Pristina. Long weekend over there at the Termokiss

Miniere Sonore 2018: Alessandro Cortini, Elio Martusciello and…


Ninth year for our contemporary music (and not only, indeed) Festival in Sardinia, Italy. This year we were able to bring more international artists and, expecially for me, has been

Summer(time) ’18


As usual, I’ve been spending my Summertime back in Sardinia (Italy), where I grew up and where I have my studio set up for recording and mixing. So – besides

Yerevan, Armenia. (possibly) A new start


First time for me to Yerevan, Armenia. Very very excited to go there: an ancient land, in a crucial geography with a lot of history thru centuries. …and absolutely welcoming

Tokyo, Shizuoka and Nagoya. A 5-week Japan galore time


Back to my beloved Japan and its capital Tokyo, which I still think it is one of the most efficient and exciting capital of the planet. This time, thou, besides

Rec & Mix Workshop, Tirana, Albania


It was 5 years ago my first and last time I went to Tirana, Albania, and now time has been matured to get back there and give another lecture. This

Mixing styles workshop at Soundcast studio, Cape Town, Antelope Event


With Soundcast studios we planned a 3-hour event about mixing styles in different areas of the world where I happened to work in my life so far: so we analized

Workshops at ASE, Cape Town


ASE this time asked to me teach 2-level workshops, one for their level 2 students (basic mixing set up, EQ’ing and basic compression) and one for their level 3 students

Aston Mic, hard-core evaluation tests in South Africa


This time in Cape Town I also have the chance to really test out my new Aston Mic Spirit in different occasions. I really wanted to finally have a real

Interview on Times of India


Few days ago the interview that the national newspaper Times of India took to Koco‘s Agnee and me finally go released. I particularly love the picture of us they pick!

South African galore. Guitar, Seminars, Teaching position etc.


So we start. Almost 4 weeks in (beautiful) summertime of Cape Town. Lot of stuff to come: On the training side: a full Teaching position at SAE (School of Audio

Mumbai & Pune, India (2). The Agnee back in the picture


Being back in India gives me the chance to hook back with my friend musicians from the Agnee band, one of the major rock band in the country. It was

Mumbai, India (1). Building up a relationship with the AAT College


Finally, after almost 2 years, I come back to Mumbai, my beloved Bombay, in summer-hot India. This time I start with the AAT College in Andheri planning a good chunk

Guitar gig. Back on stage with Luca Wu and German rhythm section, Berlin, Germany


A quick trip to freezing windy Berlin to play a show with London based italian composer (and old friend) Luca Wu with his original material. Being basically the original guitar

Mikio Fujioka. “158 cm tall but with the voice of an old man”


I don’t wanna post pictures, put any links (there are plenty on the web, well deserved). Just January 5th is a date that a lot of people I know -and