Musicians Institute, Tokyo (MI Japan), workshop/open counseling


Ready for the workshop/clinic tour here in Japan, starting at Musicians Institute (MI Japan) in Shibuya, Tokyo. Talkin’ about touring, EQ-ing guitars and drums, managing easy compression.

Back to Japan, for a 3-month experience


Paul Gilbert, Babymetal’s Kami band, MI Japan… (CHECK PIX inside!)   Without even waiting for Summer to ends and I move to Tokyo for 3 months: it will be a

India: Vasuda Sharma to release 3 songs and appearance on Rolling Stones magazine


While in Japan I’m getting good news from India. Vasuda Sharma, Mumbai based recognize artist, releases 3 songs of the new EP comin’ up next year, under the name of

Miniere Sonore, Contemporary Music Festival, X edition, Italy


After a summer breaktime, back to my homeland Sardinia for Miniere Sonore, the contemporary (but not only) music festival -held in Summer- now to its 10th edition… A technical improvement

Classical music Recordings


Lately, throughout 2017, I’ve been involved in classical music recordings to be printed and released by Brilliant record label in the next future. For the first session, I used a light

IK Multimedia comes handy in Japan


During my staying in Japan, IK Multimedia keeps supporting me with his products. Here my final greeting to them on their website   So long!  

Japan galore! Studio sessions & (lot of) workshops


It was an intense 3-week staying in Japan this time, and not only Tokyo but also Osaka. Starting with (a fun) blasting session at legendary Kitty Studio in Izu (south

Paul Gilbert workshop, Italy


Paul once again in town with his entertaining clinic, which looks more like a concert and therefore it is enjoyable to a lot of variety of people! Blasting cover song

Custom Shop by Accordo, Milan


Nice to be here, in Milan (Italy) to be interviewed about my life/work experience by Accordo.it during its annual Custom Shop appointment. With me on stage, as host and interviewer,

Capetown, South Africa


Here we go, back to hardcore travelling time (once again) to lead to Capetown, ZA,  for a bunch of gigs: one clinic at SAE (School of Audio Engineering), at ASE

Vocals in loud stage madness: Paul Gilbert and his amps.


After finishing Paul Gilbert’s last European tour as FOH, I finally can enjoy dedicating my time to mix the Pro Tools multitrack session recorded during some of his shows encounting

IK Multimedia Endorsement


Here we go: IK Multimedia is in the house. With this new endorsement I got my new iLoud mini-pro studio speakers which I can easily work out of my laptop

Paul Gilbert, FOH’ing European Tour, Oct-Nov ’16


Back on the road with Paul Gilbert, FOH’ing his new European Tour presenting the newly “I Can Destroy” album, touching also Israel and Russia Pete Griffin on bass Thomas Lang

Steve Vai, Alien Guitar Secrets Clinic, Sardinia, Italy


After a in-deep planning finally I got to have Steve Vai in my hometown for a clinic. Great response from the audience. an intellectual extravaganza travel into music with mr.

Barolo, Collisioni Festival, July ’16 w/ Dolcetti


Dolcetti got invited for the 3rd (third!) time to play at Collisioni Festival, in Barolo, which is pretty unusual but, you know, they love Dolcetti… So back in northern Italy